I’m In The News!

I’ve gotten some social media boosts this week, and I wanted to make a note of it on my blog, because, you know, any publicity is good publicity (but good publicity is especially good publicity).

1. Featured Story for Medill Reports + CAN TV

Journalist Jessica Murphy came to my school this week to do a story on me and my after school poetry club. I’ve been struggling a lot with the fact that the only time CPS students make the news are when they’re shot in a case of mistaken identity, so I’m really glad that a journalist wanted to do a story on some of the positive contributions of this city’s youth. This segment is live on the Medill website now, and will be airing on CAN TV next week. Check it out!

2. Chicago Literati’s got my back

Chicago Literati is probably the best source for news on the independent literary scene. Abby Sheaffer has been a huge supporter for me and even did a feature interview with me earlier this year. She humbled me when she wrote about the short film adaptation of my poem, On Teaching Poetry in Chicago Public Schools, in support of my being a finalist in the Write Bloody book competition. Check out what she had to say!

3. Button Poetry featured my video

Button Poetry is my favorite source for creative, high-production value videos of performance poetry, and in my opinion, they’re really changing the game. I was really psyched when I found out that they reblogged my Write Bloody video submission. This is one of those things that is probably insignificant to everyone else, but since I’m so amped about what they do, it feels like a huge honor.

Thanks to everyone who has been rallying in support of my work, my manuscript, and my work as a teacher recently. Sometimes being a working artist is pretty thankless, so it means a lot to have both peers and outsiders give me props for my work.


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