My Feature On Vocation: Vacation

My old classmate and a poet whom I greatly admire, Zachary Green, has started a new experimental online magazine called “Vocation: Vacation, A Journal of Work And Play.” I have the honor of being the second ever feature in the magazine, which means I’ve got a full-length personal essay about my day jobs and poetry career and a new poem up. Read it here!

I’m very humbled for this opportunity, as I’ve been super hyped about the idea since Zach sent me an email about it last year. In addition to being one of the most aesthetically unique and compelling voices in poetry I’ve encountered, Zach is also a prolific bookmaker and magazine editor. He writes:

vocation:vacation is the ground floor where writers and artists alike will present reflections, essays, memoirs, or even cautionary tales about their “day jobs” and how it comes at the expense of their art-making, only to support it. The hope is to create more transparency in order to have an open dialogue about employment because let’s face it, few get by on just being quirky individuals who make things (and those who do, we want to know your stories, too).

Whether we choose to accept it, being part of the workforce provides us with the occasional information that supports our writing and art. Practically speaking, it aides our complicated financial obligations and gives us a sense of purpose; it helps us identify and it’s how we introduce ourselves.

I am excited to see this unique concept flourish. If you have an interesting story to tell about your career–or lack thereof–make sure to query & submit!


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