Poem published in THRUSH Poetry Journal!

Hello, WordPress! It’s been a minute. I’m up to my neck in MFA applications right now, and I’m totally baffled by the new features of this site — hopefully I still remember how to work this thing.

It’s taken me a little while to update about this, but I’m very excited to have had my poem, Eurydice in Hell, published in the September issue of THRUSH Poetry Journal.

The reason I waited to write about it is that I was a little disappointed that THRUSH was unable to publish the poem in the form I intended. The poem is meant to be formatted like a screenplay. Instead, it appears formatted as regular dialogue. This difference is minute to most, but I personally think of this poem as a bit of an inverted Bechdel test. The element of film evokes more of a narrative idea to me than stand alone dialogue.

I minored in screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago; my screenplays always used an element of poetry, so I was excited to return the favor by writing a poem that incorporates screenwriting as a form. Alas, it’s not unusual for publishers to require compromise in the artistic vision of the work they seek to promote. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Nevertheless, I was so thrilled to have this particular poem accepted by THRUSH. They’re a wonderful poetry journal that has published many writers I admire, and it’s one of the most selective publications I’ve been featured in to date.


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