“Hysteria” published in Tinderbox

I am so excited to be published in vol. 1 iss. 4 of Tinderbox. This little lit mag caught my eye with their first issue, which featured some of my favorite poets. I’m also a huge fan of the work of the editors; Brett Elizabeth Jenkins is a poet I noticed early on in getting my feet wet in literary magazines, and I’ve followed her ever since to find publications of visceral and cerebral narrative poetry. In this issue, I’ve been published alongside a lot of powerful female voices, and many of the poems (including my own) seem to share a theme of feminine subversiveness.

“Hysteria” is a bit of an older poem; I wrote the first draft for Peter Kahn’s pedagogy seminar in the fall of 2013. It has gone through substantial revision since I first wrote it, and I had to sit on it an entire year before it reached its current state. Most of the work I’ve published was submitted immediately after it was written, so it is reassuring to know a poem’s shelf life is relative. It is also terrifying to publish this piece; I believe it’s the first poem in print that details a little of the violence that permeated my family as I grew up, to name names; I tried to parse the details down to literal objects, but it’s still there.  It is terrifying to put that sort of experience out into the world. I hope some good will come of it.

Click here to read my poem, then check out past issues, and consider submitting yourself!


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