Dear Readers,


When I first started this blog several years ago, it was intended to be a one-stop shop for my writing career. But in the year 2016, one-stop shops aren’t very useful anymore. There are many different social media outlets, each with their own purpose, which I love to use. I also launched my own website a while back — building it has been a constant source of joy (and occasional frustration).

This weekend, I’m moving from Chicago — my home of 9 years — to Miami, FL to start my MFA at the University of Miami. Now seems like an appropriate time to also officially put this blog on hiatus, as news about my writing life has populated all of my social media accounts, and I’ve also been taken on as a First Year Contributor over at The MFA Years, where I’ll be blogging each month about my experience in graduate school.

If you’d still like to follow me, allow me to redirect you to my social media accounts, as well as my official website, which includes an ebook of poetry I’ll be updating with each new lit mag publication.

In the future, I may find a need for a personal blog again, in which case, you’ll likely find me back here.

Until we meet again, WordPress.





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